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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by chasingmytail, 14 Sep 2018.

  1. chasingmytail

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    Anyone on here use a certain shop? Honestly been wasting our time in a local place. For the past 5 years back and for to what used to be a highly respected old outfit - I now honestly give up on him. Taken the kids bikes in and come out the same, not bothered to order parts for it. Recently bought the teenager a top quality second hand bike. Took it there for a full check and overhaul. Didn't do anything and told us the brakes were fine. While out at The Forest of Dean MBC told the brakes needed a serious over haul. Last year took 2 quality kids bike to Sunset in Cardiff and to be fair they did sort them well after wasting my time in the old place.

    Husband fed up trying to get someone doing it seriously and reliable. Because of our work hours we are not always able to pop in or drive a distance - close to Newport - is really a pain but happy to find someone good for future. Ive done some googling and the only one Cyclopaedia comes up as an option.

    I take it there is no one in or around Newport that's reliable and has the time to dedicate to the job so that it can be dropped off and be ready within the few following days without endless excuses or cant locate parts?
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