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I am thinking of getting into (very basic) cycling, after many years of not riding.
Will be looking for advice and opinions as I get set up and get moving.
I was a bit of a cyclist as a child, but am now very much an adult and very unfit! Looking to take advantage of my own childrens' fitness and enthusiasm and join them on their bikes!
Thank you in advance!


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Accra, Ghana
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Good to see you're taking up the challenge and getting into cycling. You don't say if you're overweight but if you are the first thing is to find a diet you think might get on with and stick to it. You'll find cycling tough at first but it will only get easier as time goes by.
As for bikes a hybrid would be a good choice, there are many available from any good outlet. It will handle trails as well as roads. Decathlon have a rep for vfm models as do Halfords. You can also pick up bargains secondhand from Gumtree, eBay etc. Aim to get one that's been little used. Its important to get the correct size for you.
Anything else you need to know just ask.
Good luck.


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Welcome. Lots of advice on here. I'm new too and have found the info on bikes and equipment invaluable. There's a whole subforum on fitness.
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