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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by alecstilleyedye, 7 Sep 2007.

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  2. Fnaar

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    Years ago (1985) I went to give blood, and promtply fainted (not wimpy, you understand, I was in nursing at the time!!)... they told me I was anaemic, and suggested having a pint of Guinness a day for the iron content...
    It was also regularly prescribed to some patients in the mental handicap hositals I used to work in...!
  3. Paulus

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    When my first child was born, my wife was told to drink Guiness to replenish her iron stores when she was brest feeding. Not at the same time you realise:blush: But i would think this survey is probably put about by a marketing firm to try to boost the sales of the black stuff over the water. Personally I don't like the stuff.
  4. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    I once worked with a guy who was in The Salvation Army, and they are not supposed to drink alcohol (so I was told). But he had some problem with his blood and said the Doctor told him to drink a bottle of Makenson (sp) Stout everyday. The smile he had when he told the story suggested that he didn't complain too much when the Doctor prescribed the treatment
  5. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    I will live forever as it's my tipple of choice!
    Now, just need someone to tell me smokin rollies is good for the planet as you are recycling dead leaves n I will have a clear conscience
  6. A couple of years before my old aunt in Narrogin, Australia passed away (about 5yrs back) whilst she was in Hospital the nurses would give all patients 1/2 a pint each day.
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