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anyone recommend a good site to get the best trails in the UK?

I see MTB a magazine does 4 in each issue but that could work out quite expensive to build a collection.


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Simply google the word MTB and the name of the region you want to visit.

Look at the OS mapping (free on Bing maps) and look for bridleways. Convert the screen to bird's eye view and zoom in as close as you can to see what it looks like.

Combine this search method with any of the online mapping sites setting filter to bike or MTB, and see what other people have been riding in a given area.

Splurge £20 on "The Good Mountain Biking Guide " which doesn't give turn by turn routes, but does have useful info on 500 parts of the UK with good info on how to link trails together.

Choose a region at a time and spend fifteen quid on any of the Vertebrate Publishing guidebooks.

Visit MTB route guide sites:
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