Goodluck Jonathan

Glow worm

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Dayvo said:
What a great name! ;)

Sounds like the favourite at the 3.40 from Ascot!

He's the new president of Nigeria, BTW!
Yeah- I thought I'd misheard that at some awful hour early this morning- I wondered if they'd mixed the racing news scripts with the headlines!
Africa has had leaders with some great names over the years. I remember 'Hastings Kamuzu Banda' was one, a fine name indeed. And I'm sure there was an 'Omar Bongo' once. Or maybe I made that up. Meanwhile, over in Japan, they used to have a leader called 'Takeshita' the newsreaders always used to tread very carefully around that!


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Where I use to work we had a customer called Mr Gotobed and he lived in Little Snoring


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I have a Nigerian friend & customer named Mike Ukachi Thankgod Nwanoshiri. He's actually a black version of Shrek with the ears moved down to the sides. Fantastic bloke.
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