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One of my favourite pre-cycling trip activities is "Google StreetView tourism", in which I view my favourite cycling routes using StreetView, to get an idea of what I can look forward to if I ride the route. I couldn't help noticing last week that the French Alps are very well covered by StreetView, with tall peaks such as Mont Ventoux (1912m) and even Col du Galibier (2645m) shown right up to their (road) summits.

Unfortunately, the same isn't the case in Australia, and I don't know why. :wacko:
Mt Buffalo in the Victorian Alps only gets up to about 1400m, but the ascent is only covered by StreetView up to about 700m, then there's a large gap (about 12.5km of road with no coverage), then the coverage resumes at about 1200m elevation. It's bloody weird. Similar inconsistencies appear in the coverage of other Victorian Alpine peaks, such as Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, etc.

If the StreetView vans can make their way up Col du Galibier, why on earth can't they cover our piddly little peaks?
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Our house isn't on it - we're only 200m from a main road on a side road (not a dead end)

Also - try Lubeck in Germany, None of it is on street view - the residents complained and Google wasn't allowed in :rolleyes:


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It must take a long time to drive the StreetView cars along every road in the world!

The coverage here took a couple of years to get to the point where most of the places that I checked were featured.


The road doesn't run across privately-owned land does it?
There's a gap in coverage of Zig Zag Road up Box Hill as part of the land is owned by The National Trust, although I believe the County Council maintains the road.
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Australia is the 3rd world, it will take longer for google to get around to driving their camera cars around there.

There is also an awful lot of sod all in Australia, massive gaps between towns with nothing but red dust and spiky grass to see, which wouldnt make for the most exciting google street view tour.


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You're in good company: try using Streetview for Switzerland and Austria.

[Warning: boring and prosaic answer content] The gaps sound like a technical issue as the cars must have had to drive along that road to get from the lower-altitude section to the higher altitude section. You could try asking google.
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On loaded touring I always find the relentless short, sharp up and downs with little or no flat bits, much more gruelling than a long, slow mountain climb.
I'm thinking of the Ardennes, La Creuse amongst others.
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