Gore-tex bargains? Is it really breathable?


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Gore-Tex now!!!

seems a bit barmy but I imagine this is when the Gore-tex goes cheap???

I commute 30 miles a day and have a fully waterproof Altura jacket but it has to be really cold to wear it or else I boil-in-the bag.

I have committed to the commute for another few years but have decided to splash out on some luxuries to help with the 5.30am rise! I plan to get some Hotronics insoles etc but a breathable (is there such a thing?) waterproof is high on the list.

Evans looks to have some good Gore jackets going- anywhere else and are they worth it?

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I have worked as an outdoor pursuits instructor, mainly in the mountains. When Gore Tex first came on the market it was a revelation. Back in those days it was horrendously expensive, not that I cared as my employers bought it for me :laugh: It still isn't cheap, but that is because it works.

I've not had any experience of cycling specific Gore Tex, but I would be surprised if it wasn't worth the extra money.

The best of Gore Tex kit I have is a bivvy bag. Spent many a wet night in it and never once did it leak and breathed so well the sleeping bag was never wet.
There are better options than Goretex - eVent is regarded as more breathable, Nikwax fabrics far better again (eg Paramo). I have an Endura Flyte which claims to be substantially more breathable than eVent (using a new PTFE fabric) and having worn over this winter for some quite strenuous climbs, I can say that it remains (almost) completely dry on the inside. Bright yellow too. I have a Paramo Velez which is great, but twice the price of the Endura.

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Do you need a waterproof or would a windproof for warmth be better? Windstopper fabrics tend to be much more breatheable but not so waterproof (showerproof, usually).

I think the cut of the jacket and the fit make a big different to the performance of any breatheable waterproofs/windproofs - I've had a bad experience with eVent and generally find my Gore Bike Wear Goretex jacket better than any other I've tried (inc. Endura and Altura) partly because the fit and design are, for me, spot on. Likewise, I'm a big fan of the GBW Windstopper jackets as it's rare that I need a really waterproof jacket for most of the year.

P.S. Good idea on the Hotronics foot heaters - jolly good things to have on a cold morning :smile:
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