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Mr Phoebus

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Does seem a decent price, and Berghaus don't manufacture crap either.

Mr Phoebus

New Member
Please add some more if you can think of any. It does to have as much of a defence as possible if Mrs Paul notices that I have a new jacket.

Tell Mrs Paul this: You need a really decent jacket to shield you from the elements. If she'd rather you wear something that you'll probably end up looking like a drowned rat in a downpour, then so be it...BUT!!!! You'll end up with a slightly lower resistance to colds and flu.
if she wants you ending up coughing and sneezing all over her, then so be it.

Play the 'fear' card. ;)

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
It's Berghaus
It's Goretex
It's sixty nine quid

Breathable stuff on a bike is tricky. Ride hard and you can overwhelm the breathability of anything. Ride less hard and your Endura might be just as good. What problem are you trying to solve?

Is the removable hood (extra cost) thin enough to go under a helmet or big enough to go over. Sometimes if you want to keep really dry, (wearing work clothes) then sealing the big hole where you neck sticks through is the best improvement in waterproofing. But if you're not bothered about getting rain down your neck, why are you bothered about getting sweaty.

Finally, you know your wife is right and no amount of 'blame sharing' with your virtual friends will get you out of the 'do do'.
I've got a Berghaus packlite - can't remember the name but it began with a 'D' (Demigod, Denzien?????). Anyway, for that money excellent value. One of the best "breathable" waterproofs around IMO.
Looks very much like the jacket I bought in the spring in Scotland. I've worn it on cool nights and in the rain since: water resistance - fantastic (I wore it in the pre-flood deluge and not a drop got under it); breathability only moderate, but not too bad; wind resistance - very good. Mine was £50 with 50 percent off. Worth every penny.
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