Got A big article published!

Sorry it's not on cycling but... today I've had a 4 page article (biggest to date) published in the 'Big Glossy' Derbyshire Life magazine it covers 4 pages (1600 words and 5 photos including a whole a page dedicated to one photo (below) It's on Stone Circles in Derbyshire.

Forgive me for feeling a little smug this morning (and I got paid for it!) You may recall I've written another article on Routemaster Buses (I asked for memories of that particular bus on CC) that has been accepted and is being published in the new year in different Magazine. Here's the photo that gets a full page spread in the magazine and I'm already working on a follow up article for the Derbyshire Life - Pitch accepted subject to suitability

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Well played! It's not all about cycling you know....

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No big deal... @welsh dragon was in readers wives twice!
I bought the cut out and keep special.
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