Got a HRM for xmas...


Actually Big' - I got one a while back and yes the instructions ARE a bit of a pain.

Read through them a few times...

I found that the unit seems to centre around resetting it in one way as course of operation...

IF I use it the I just leave it one so it displays all the time

Also gotta buy new batts as the ones I got with it seemed to run out quick - get back to us and tell us if you've a similiar ?

If the batts aint up to it then no signal will get through to the watch.

It makes for a good 'time check' in the night though. Maybe the light doesnt like getting lit too often for the batts. to last !!???!?!???


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I tried for about 40 minutes to get the thing set up...I gave it to my teenage son who set the clock in 20 seconds flat without the instructions...


Its the 'cycles' on the watch that are a pain.

: its merely a display your HR - monitor. I would have liked for it to say, record the HR over a section of time period ! So you can play it back later.
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