Got Screwed today


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...just pulled up on the drive after my 25 mile loop and pop...a screw went right through my tyre and blew out the least I was home when it happened.

There is a small hole in my front tyre now ( swapped the tube for a new one) dangerous (if at all) is riding with a small hole in the front tyre? Also while I'm asking questions about tyres I noticed that the tread on my rear tyre is wearing thin in the centre of the that normal after about 3500 miles? Do i need new tyres or can I get by with these?


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After 3,500 miles you will start to need to replace some things.
If the tyre is bulging, I would worry. If it isn't deformed, not pulling open, I wouldn't worry, just keep an eye on it. Regarding the tread, as it doesn't really provide any grip, the main downside is that the tyre is getting thin and likely to puncture more often.
When I was a kid, I was taking the MTB out of the shed after winter (being a fair weather cyclist then :biggrin:) however there was lots of junk on it and in getting it out I p*ntured, so I got all of 2 yards. Still remember it as it was the 1st one I fixed myself and have done so ever since.
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