Got short-changed today.


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We did the National Cyclo-sportive today on Lancky's sacred soil and most of us finished feeling they'd cut the route short by about 10-12 miles. We think we know where it happened and one of the turns we expected to take, over Jeffrey Hill near Longridge, wasn't signed so wasn't taken. On the way round, all the groups we came across were mystified as to why it seemed so short and there was only 8 miles between the Chipping feed and the feed in Clitheroe! We all got back much, much quicker than we expected and although we usually fancy a pint, it was too early to feel like going the pub.

What we think happened may be something similar to a previous occasion; an embittered farmer moved a sign pointing one way and sending us the other at about the same point this happened (just outside Longridge), in this event two years ago. It was discovered and rectified but this time, the crucial turn had had the sign removed. We think, anyway.


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Sign changers should be shot at dawn. I pedalled about 3 miles down a dead end recently .got to the end to find 3 or 4 confused car drivers trying to do 3 point turns in the narrow lane. :-(


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That's bad.....I now do Sportives with a GPS, just in case. Saved a few folk on the Cheshire Cat this year in Holmes Chapel as a 'crucial' sign' had been 'removed'......
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