Gotta love Google sometimes !


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OK, it's the big all seeing eye, and we don't like the way it captures our data etc etc.

But sometimes it's blooming useful.

Work situation. Someone want's paying in 'vouchers' for a lecture. It's quite alot of money, way over a 'gift' value. It's simply tax evasion. Been lead a merry dance about the person not having a bank account, and the vouchers would actually be used to help feed homeless (this is correct), but they did 'work' for us, and have to be paid properly.

A quick google does link to this person's charity work, but they own a business - no bank account... hmm. I also suspect we didn't do 'right to work' checks before this person did work for us.

Unfortunately when you work in a big business, we can't go breaking the law.

So, don't go telling us porkies, when you are plastered over the 'internet'. No bank account you say ?

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Hmmmmph - sounds dodgy. Just keep the dosh for yourself ;) :laugh:


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Am i reading this right,he wants vouchers so he does not have to declare payment so avoiding paying tax.I am 69 retired and paying chunks of tax.SHOP HIM.


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No charity either. It's something this person does out of their own money.

Had there been a charity, we could have paid them a donation. It's an individual. We just can't go giving cash out.. HMRC would be after us


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Just tell them that it has to be payment via convention means (provision of invoice and bank tf payment)

The last thing any organisation needs is to "stick your head above the parapet" with HMRC. Their audits are a pain


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Even if you paid him in widgets or cabbages the revenue would still collect tax on the estimated value.


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Certain commodities don't attract tax in that way if they've been owned for beyond a certain period of time.
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