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Any hints on the treatment and long term management of gout? I'm in the middle of an 'episode' in the joint of my big toe at the moment, and it's not something I want to repeat. I'm taking Ibuprofen and applying ice at the moment which seems to be helping.


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I presume you have discussed this with your doctor?

Lots of stuff on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gout - it is on the Internet, and is editable by anyone, so it must be trustworthy!

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Big Sympathy!

Gout is probably the most painful ailment I've ever experienced.
A pal who had it some years before me said that if he'd had a meat cleaver he would have gladly cut his toe off. When I got it I knew exactly what he meant!

Never had an attack since, have no idea why I had the attack I had.

Hope you're well soon.


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My dad suffers occasionally...he said its like having splinters of glass in between the toe joints :?:
I seem to remember the doc told him to avoid citrus fruits....oranges etc, the acids in them aggravate the condition.

I'll ask further..it was some time ago, so my facts may be a bit off.


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The Wikipedia article is good. My dad had it a few times and on each occasion had to walk with a stick until it got better. He was told to steer well clear of foods rich in purines, and hasn't had an attack since.
There's a long list here:

For long-term management, allopurinol seems to be the standard treatment.


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As a past sufferer I totally sympathise, my dad used to have it as well,
You want to go to your GP about it, they will want to send you for a blood test to check for a high uric acid rate as they wont treat you without proving it
It took almost a year before my doc agreed that I had gout (its pretty rare in girls), the thing to do is get your blood test whilst you are having an attack or shortly afterwards, this will show the uric acid levels the GP needs.
I ended up going on a drug called Allupurinol, the same as my Dad who hasnt had an episode since he's been on it (about 15 years).
Initially I took it daily, mainly because I didnt want another episode (if you've had gout you wouldnt wish that pain on your worst enemies, I know I wouldnt) but now I only take it when I get a bit of a twinge in the big toe area, which isnt often these days.
I've also almost completely given up drinking, but on the odd occasion when I have been on the lash is when i've had a bit of a twinge - I was never a big drinker anyway so it could be psychosymatic :tongue:

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I'm also a gout sufferer but talking to others it appears that although there is a long list of foods a drinks to avoid they don't all affect people in the same way. I find that Strawberries are one of the things that really knock me for six, whiskey is another one!!!


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Hi AB, Was diagnosed with gout after a couple of years of bad big toe pain, tried all the diet changes but as Keith says, its horses for courses. A whole scrum of docs eventually agreed on "Rigid Toe" http://www.brfootandankle.com/sub.php?page=prob_1691_toe_halluxrigidis
similar symptoms similar pain - different treatment. It's worth making quite sure it is actually gout cos the the toe thing was totally resolved by a minor op followed by a week or two of "ouch ooh", since then fine. The toe's a bit floppy now but hey, who sees it.
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