GPS Advice Wanted


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I've got £200 worth of Amazon vouchers burning a hole in my pocket and I'm looking at GPS's.

I don't really want to have to put any cash up as well, but I'm looking for one that has a hrm on it, can be used on or off road, and has downloadable information.

I was looking at the Garmin 305, can any one recommend it, or are there alternatives?


Edge 500 if its only for biking or Forerunner 310XT if you want to use it for running as well.

I have a Forerunner 310XT. Love it. There's a quick release bike mount that doesn't involve the watch strap at all so it looks like a proper bike computer.

You might need to add a bit for the 310XT, but the Edge 500 with HR and cadence is just a tad over £200 at the moment: £204.74


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I managed to get wiggle to price match the Edge 500 including cadence unit for £180 down from £220 by using price. See if amazon will price match!
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