GPS Computer for two users?


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Hi all,
Do any of the gps units work for two users? Me and Mrs C often ride on different days. We'd like to have one head unit, a speed/cadence sensor on each bike and crucially be able to upload data to separate Strava accounts.

Maps isn't essential. Is it possible and what is our least expensive option?



Harrogate Have 2 different bike profiles set up.
Probably only take a few minutes to swap between bikes. You don't need 2 but it is an option.

2 separate strava accounts.
The bike profiles all upload to the same accounts

I have about a dozen profiles on mine and they all upload to the same account automatically


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I have a Garmin Edge 800 and upload all my rides to Strava. I have a cadence sensor on my bike.

My wife has a cadence sensor on her road bike and uses the same Garmin 800 on her bike and uploads all her rides to Strava, you just need to setup two bike profiles on the Garmin so it picks up the right bike specific cadence sensor. It all works really well.
Form my experience...

The bike profiles are not n issue, you can set up each one for cadence, speed, both or neither... all you have to do is remember to change the profile when you change bikes

The upload is an issue as several programmes automatically upload the changes from the previous profile.

You can export these and then upload to Strava etc, but it is a long way round
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