I'm looking for a GPS mapping cycle computer. After the threads on here an Edge 800/810 seemed the obvious choice. Don't really need, but want speed/cadence on roadbike and HRM. I've already got a Wahoo HRM that does both bluetooth and ANT+
But then I find I can get with a bit of shopping around, an Edge 1000 for a bit more than the 800. I like the idea of some of the route finding features and round trips.
Which is now also Mio 505 type money. Hmm.Or even Mio 315 without the wireless stuff but as it comes with HRM and cadence so comparable with a Touring Plus at that price
I use for running with a Forerunner 15 and use Garmin Connect. So staying with Garmin would seem an easy choice, but there seems to be a lot of complaining on the Garmin forums about both the 810 and 1000 which is a bit off putting. The Nuvi in the car can be a bit crap at times as well.
From reviews the route finding and mapping on the Mio also appears more solid so quite tempting but does anyone have any experience with one vs. a Garmin?


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My ceterum censeo with regard to Garmin devices is this: AA batteries! At least if you're in for longer rides. The build-in batteries of the Edge series result in slightly more elegant devices but have the drawback that you either have to carry a battery pack (which you may also need for your smart phone...) or face the risk of running out of juice. The Oregon 600 is almost as neat as the Edge but runs on AA batteries. I personally use the GPSmaps 64s (after having had a 60s for many years) which has the additional advantage of being touch-screen free and hence easier to use with gloves. (The 64s also works with Garmin HR monitor and cadence sensors.) I use Eneloop rechargeable batteries, but it's good to know that I can buy spares at every off licence or petrol station in emergencies. Another advantage of the non-cycling specific devices is that you can also use them for walking / hiking.


I was out for 4 hours today and my 510 had 60% battery left. That includes having LiveTravk enabled where it transmits my position online via my iPhone too. Would be even more left without that running. Hardly an issue for most, 10 hours battery?


Thanks for your thoughts. The rechargeable battery option will be fine for me, I can't see being out for more than 4 hours at a time. I'm not keen on disposable stuff really either.
The hiking type handhelds are another interesting option, a bit more versatility than a dedicated cycling unit. Hmm.
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