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I want GPS receiver that can tell me my route, speed, altitude and distance. I dont want to spend too much money - a mate told me he got one which does the above for about £20 (via ebay). Which should I consider?


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You might be able to get lucky on a non-cycling specific Garmin eTrex or Geko, but otherwise you'll be looking at the Garmin Edge range (205/305)which you might find for £50+ secondhand. If you look Stateside they are slightly cheaper.

I've noticed that even new bike computers with altitude are at least £50.


another - admittedly inferior option is to get a phone with a GPS or a GPS addition to your phone.

I have a Nokia N95 with GPS and their sportstracker software is pretty cool.

I can "broadcast" myself live when riding so my wife can keep an eye on me.

but my Garmin Edge is FAR better


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there is some gizmo that attaches to an ipod that has gps facility and looging; it is made by either nike or adidas and works with their running shoes so can log the distance you run or something like that.


This forum has cost me a fortune!

I have the Nike + attachment for my iPod and running shoes. It's very good at what it does i.e. logging your runs, keeping you informed and praising you when you've finished. (Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe tell you if you've beaten your PB for the distance.) You can log and compare your runs on the Nike + website. However, it's nothing to do with GPS or cycling though (apart from Lance's voice!). Unless, of course, there is a way of strapping your running shoe to to your wheel. That may make the ride a bit bumpy though :-)

Actually I have passed my Nike + on to my son as I got myself a Forerunner 305 for running (and then an Edge 305 for the bike :-) )

Being a sad git - I've reached that age - I also have a mobile phone GPS enabled with an internet data plan on 3 (Three). I use Mobile GMaps which is a free Java app. This can display my postion on a map/satellite photograpy in real time and send my position back so I can be tracked on a website map on the internet (if I so choose). It's a bit flaky though and needs restarting every so often. Keeps the kids entertained though :-) 'Ooh look - Dad's going 10 miles an hour, 30 miles away, still lots of time to wind Mummy up before he get home..'

Also, I have an old Geko 301 which is my favourite for navigating me around. I leave my Edge 305 to do the data for me i.e. heart, cadence, altitude, sweat rate, internet shopping, etc. With the Geko, I upload my route via Memory Map and it gets around there no fuss.


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will said:
hi You need some sort of internet data plan with your phone carrier. But the phone application and internet site is free

Oh nice. I've set that up and will try recording my first route this weekend.


Just to clarify on the Nokia Sportstracker.

It is free and you can use it on your phone as a fitness tracke/ log, etc with the GPS for free. You only need a data plan if you want to upload it or to have a live broadcast pf your position.
Set this up on my Nokia and tried it on the commute to work, great little gadget!

One thing, how do you get a background map? At the moment it plots the route on a blank background, why doesn't it find the nokia or google (or whatever) maps to use?


PS I cheated and kept it running while I was on the train, lol.... bumped up the averages no end.......

PPS Anyone found a handlebar mount for the N95 yet? Perhaps with handsfree and a dynamo recharger, hmmmm, perhaps not....
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