Grandad with a penny farthing

Yellow Fang

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My father found this picture in a book about Nottingham history. He is pretty sure it's my grandfather. You can't see the face very well, but he said it's the way he used to stand and that he used to work for a bicycle company, and that he used to have a penny farthing. It's dated 1930 when my grandfather would have been twenty-six. The photograph was taken outside St Peter's Gate in Nottingham. Apparently grandad was well into bikes before he became a motor mechanic.
I am sure Hilldodger will be along shortly, but that appears to steer through the small wheel with the rider sitting facing it. I could of course be spouting rubbish.


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What a wonderfully graceful and efficient way to travel!

There's another video of the same bloke in which he gets a bit of momentum then allows the rising pedal to kick him up onto the saddle. Very neatly done.
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