Great Day for a Ride !


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It's been almost two weeks since I last rode. Since selling the house I've been busier than normal trying to get stuff done. I found a home for most the stuff we didn't want to keep, furniture, exercise equipment, and tons of tools. The remaining furniture in very good condition will be donated to habitat for humanity. We still have about five weeks before we have to move out so we've been busy trying to find an apartment. We'll need something for about a year, as we have just started speaking with contractors about our next build. We are building an addition onto my daughter house, a three car garage with our living space above. I was also offered a job doing what I do now but with a much bigger company. So with everything going on and my mind spinning a little it was great to have some time and nice weather. I got out for a tad over three hours enjoy the nice Fall air.

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