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Anyone use these?

Are they any good? better than traditional tyres? I had a Raleigh Hornet as a kid which had solid rubber tyres and ,consequently, was the only kid in the street never to get a p******e.
Wouldn`t mind these myself but really looking at them for my OH as her puncture fixing experience is zero and with these her chances of being stranded when commuting alone are greatly reduced.


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Yes - I tried a set several years ago - I'd never even try touching them again!!

They were a bugger to fit, heavy, sluggish and soaked up water!

However, that was on a race bike, on a commuter/pootler they might be ok.
Friend of mine has one on the rear of his E-bike as he's scared to death of puncturing.I think it'll be fine if she's just pootling but you wouldn't want it on your best bike(hackers exempt;))
I imagine the ride will be a bit harsher than normal and would advise her to take it much easier in the wet.


hack's your man for this, he likes a greentyre

marathon + seem to be rated more or less as puncture proof

surely she can be trained to change a tube?


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Beside the road
I would teach her to fix a punture then fit 'normal' tyres.

Sadly punture resistance always comes at the price of rolling resistance, comfort and weight


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There are advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages -
No punctures.
No need to check the pressures before jumping on and riding 5 miles to work through streets littered with broken glass and metal swarf.

Disadvantages -
It is best that the supplier fits them to your rims, which means a trip to the supplier.
You need to be damned sure ALL your spokes are top quality and WON'T break.... ( some hopes these days ).
It's a PAIN and 'spoke bending' prodedure replacing a spoke when the nipple won't lift.


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Thanks for all your replies. going to give them a miss and teach the missus to fix a puncture. She struggles a bit on her ride to work so wouldn`t want to add any rolling resistance to that.
Must admit they sounded like the answer to her prayers but, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true................


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Before the pneumatic tyre was invented all bikes had solid tyres, now you rarely see a solid tyre so what does that tell you?
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