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Alabama, USA
I came across this website while searching old Raleigh models. On the club ride today, one rider said she had an old one that needs 100% restoration and she wants it out of her garage! I'll find out what it is at the club board meeting Monday night. Anyway, the site here looks interesting and as time permits I'll read as much as I can.

I'm a recreational rider, 200K and down (although I did bite off one 300K) and on the slow side, averaging around 14 mph all told. I average 3,200 mi/yr. I like to work on bikes and have built up all 4 currently in my garage. 2 from Rivendell, 1 from Waterford, 1 from Maruishi. All steel and all fully lugged. All my bikes are 650B or 26". I rode the Maruishi today ('Ferrous Bueller") on 38mm Pari-Motos and it's dreamy on rough roads.

I host a family friendly social ride each Sunday afternoon and enjoy welcoming and teaching new riders. I also post a few B/C pace rides of 40-50 miles each month and I plan and run the annual brevet series in our state for Randonneurs USA. Have a 100K Populaire next week in fact in the hilly area of NW Alabama.

I'm a co-organizer for next year's 55th anniversary commemoration of the Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery. It will travel over the actual historical trail. I was a director of the 50th anniversary edition back in 2015. Cycling has been a good tool to break down barriers and I have worked to have more diversity on our rides.

Looking forward to making new acquaintances and seeing lots of bike pics!

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