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All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike

I'd love to see a photo of your bike!
Hello Everyone,
@everyone I am really happy to be part of such happy cycling community , being a noob I really need lots of help and advise and I know I have come to right place. The bike i just got is Avon Orbita(Pic attached), as I understand its locally manufactured in India and should be fine for person like me. Once I start getting taste of cycling I will start experimenting.

@numbnuts I love Mumbai aka Bombay and really happy to know you have visited it in those golden times.
@MichaelW2 in lockdown cycling community really boomed, every one started cycling around and now there is shortage of cycles available for sale. I am going to be using it for leisure and fun.
@Oldhippy thank you
@Chris S Got it for approx 150-160 Euros and prices are going up due to shortage


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