Greetings from Liberia!


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Just arrived in Monrovia, Liberia after a week in Lagos, a day in Abidjan and two relaxing days in Accra, which is a nice city. Monrovia by contrast is a dump, here are my impressions so far:

UN people everywhere and lots of Nigerian Police on the flight in from Lagos-Accra. Dreadful airport, just a shed, gawd knows what happens when a big flight arrives from Europe. Lots of Land Rovers, other inferior 4x4s, military helicopters and troop carriers, loads of aid agencies in evidence. City centre buildings derelict and full of bullet holes; the whole place needs a good tidy and a repaint. Good roads thanks to the Lady president so traffic isn't bad. Good restaurants with decent American, African and Lebanese scran. Everything is in US dollars. Friendly and relaxed people and no apparent need for lots of security. Free wifi in this Lebanese hotel, The Cape, on the Atlantic coast. I can see surf from one bedroom window and a filthy slum from the other.

Don't think I'd want to come here for a holiday. Ghana on the other hand I could manage for a few days.

Can't wait to get home though, I've had enough of the humidity and the filth! My waistline is expanding and I need some exercise. Air Brussels out tomorrow afternoon, home Saturday morning. Bike Saturday afternoon.


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Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl... underrated, imho. :tongue:


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You don't half get around, I hope business is good out there!
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