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Hi all,

Just introducing myself. I live in west Cornwall just outside Redruth. I am a 46 years old man who returned to cycling about 18months ago after about 25 years. I have been commuting to work most days for the last year (round trip 12 miles) and going out with the CTC on Sundays about three times a month. I grew up in Suffolk so the relentless up and down terrain down here was a bit of a shock at first.

When I started I could barely manage 20-30 miles but have been improving steadily. I like longish day rides though I have not yet done a proper Audax. Last year I did the Rosie Ride Randonee with Truro Cycling Club (108k) and really struggled for the last 25k or so, legs totally gone. This year (today in fact) I rode 15 miles to and from the start as well and got home feeling pretty fresh.

Total mileage recorded for the day was 98.9 proper miles (about 160k) and that is the furthest I have ever done, though average riding speed was down to 11.5mph. Only real let down of the day was failing to get up Hustyn Hill near Wadebridge (28% gradient, which is about 1:3.5) without resorting to walking most of it, but then I got around 50 metres further up it than my companion did ;)

Somehow the bikes in my garage have multiplied and I now have a Carerra Subway 8 converted to a kind of hybrid hardtail spec, a Pacific Reach folder (20" 451mm wheels and road spec suspension front and rear), a delightful 1983 Overbury's handbuilt 531 steel frame tourer (which I rode today) and a recently purchase Specialized Allez Sport Triple road bike.

Thats it from me for now.
Riding the best part of 100 miles at 11.5mph is a great achievement in my book

Very nice intro and welcome to the forum

Simon (Devon)
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