I've recently joined, so thought I should put up a newbie post.

I'm from Warwick - age 49 and just given up motorbike racing (and riding) so was looking for another obsession to take its place.

I'm enjoying running and cycling - but nackered joints mean probably I'll be doing more on the cycling side.

Just bought a Specialized Crosstrail which I like.

I fancy doing Lands End to John O Groats next year ;)



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Hi Norri,

Running did my knees in too:sad:

Still get twinges if I do too much too soon after a spell off the bike as well.
If you intend doing LeJog next year get some lots of gentle miles in so as to get your knees ready in plenty of time.
Hello Norry and welcome to the forum! :blush:

Yep, get some easy miles in your legs and your knees should be well-oiled for the End-to End! Just don't grind the gears: be kind to your knees and they'll look after you!

Hang around here for some tips or just for a good laugh!

There might even be a CC forum ride somewhere in your neck of the woods.
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