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I'm not knowledgeable with bike mechanics but I'd like to learn now rather than take my bike to the shop. So my bike has 27 gears 3 x 9. I've noticed that on the 7,8,9 on the right gear shift the chain or rear assemby doesn't flow quietly, it's making a sound that I can only describe as someone having thrown some grit in the works. I've cleaned the assembly, wiped off excess grease and relubed (TF2 from man in shop) between rides so it can't be a rust issue., could it be an alignment issue? It means that gear 7,8,9,16,17,18 and 25,26,27 are really unenjoyable at the moment.




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Very difficult to know without actually seeing and hearing it but if you're running the big front ring (or even the small) it could be the chain rubbing on the FD cage.
If you're not happy to handle this yourself its a quick easy LBS fix. If you want to try it have a look at this;

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If memory serves, my old Dawes Vantage suffered from something similar. It rectified itself after a few more rides.
I have a theory that will no doubt be corrected that the force of pedalling on the outside sprockets was straining the end of the very crap freehub fitted to a very crap hub and crunching on some sand type grit that got in after a bit of offroad exploring.

I could be entirely wrong though.
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