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Hi All

I've joined you guys to see if you can give me any tips to help me get back on my bike :-) Just had my 3rd baby and wondering how to get cycling with a 6 week old without breaking the bank. Would love a Chariot trailer but boy are they expensive! At least I have my Pashley Picador to sell from days of ferrying my older two children around on the child seats when they were younger.

Look forward to reading about your cycling adventures.

All the best



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Howdo. 6 week olds on a bike are a bit tough. They don't really have the strength to hold their head up, so need a reclined and cushioned 'car' type seat rather than anything likely to fit on a bike. I took our oldest out when he was maybe a year old, on a childseat. Now I run a twin seat trailer behind the bike. A lot easier to manage than the child seat, lower centre of gravity, harder to kick when you dismount, etc. The Chariots are great, but expensive. There are a lot of cheaper options out there for towing a kid (or two). I use an Adventure AT something or other.
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