Discussion in 'Commuting' started by pinkkaz, 1 Jul 2008.

  1. pinkkaz

    pinkkaz Senior Member

    Got overtaken with about an inch spare this morning by a truck driver who seemed to think he was in a Smart car and who had to stop at a junction in about 30m time. I caught up with him at the junction and I thought he was apologising so I smiled at him. But THEN he said "you're gonna get killed one day", and proceeded to do a right hand turn, almost ploughing in to me AGAIN, and probably didn't hear me yelling, "only with idiots like you on the road!"

    Damn it, wish I hadn't smiled. Grrrr.

    To add insult to injury this gave the girl who had been trying to leap in front of me at every set of lights despite the fact she was much slower ample opportunity to sale through the next set of lights in front of me before they turned red, ensuring a clean getaway.

    And calm.

    Nice sunny day though! Oo and I've ordered some nice new cycling shorts which should turn up today - exciting!
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