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That story makes me sick. How cheap can life get? The cost of a text message!


I hope she is as precedant for others to NOT do as she did - recently in Liverpool their was a happening whereby a car driver shot another cardriver head-on - but the thing was, a great majority of the car driving population was thinking really quite seriously about this WHY: because it was the nemesis of happenings for driving a motor vehicle on the road.


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"... and hope Jordon's death will prevent or deter others from using their mobile phones whilst driving."

If she gets let off without some sort serious punishment then i very much doubt it will send out a stark warning to other drivers with phones. :biggrin:


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Heard it on the news, she was doing 43 in a 30mph limit, but the he did RLJ. She should still go to jail, though, she showed a total lack of responsibility.


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whilst I fully agree with the comments about drivers texting and using mobile phones while driving being the scum of the earth and deserving lengthy jail sentences etc. I'm sure it was mentioned that this particular cyclist had gone through a red light when he was hit. I've every sympathy for his family and wish he hadn't been killed, but in this case perhaps his actions led in some way to his unfortunate death. We all expect car drivers to be punished for breaking the law, but unfortunatly this cyclist has paid with his life, partially due to the car driver's texting and speeding and partially due to him cycling through a red light.


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I didn't know he was RLJing. Paints a different picture. That's what happens when 2 numpties bash into each other.


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Speeding and texting? Through a junction? I don't care whether or not the cyclist went through a red light. It doesn't particularly seem relevant whether or not she had an accident. If you behave like that on the road, the appropriate punishment is lengthy spell in prison followed by a lifetime driving ban.


It got as far as the main BBC1 news tonight. Unusual, maybe a message is being sent out. I sometimes think, I really should be more diligent and start 'shopping' offenders to our local (Sussex) plod's website when I see them (which is often enough).


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Apparently in Bristol they monitored one road for 2 hours and saw 36 motorists on their mobiles whilst driving. So the message isn't getting through is it.



Does anything get done about it when they catch a motorist on a mobile?

doesn't seem like it!

Maybe they should use armed response vehicles ;)
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