Little rant, same topic, same careless and selfish driver subject but anyway I never experienced it so directly as today.

10 of us, riding back from a nice ride, dry on the way out, absolutely pouring on the way back, going through country lanes which turned into small rivers... you get the picture....

Looking ahead there was a bend and a ford, you can see where I am going, only difference is. As we approach we saw a Black Vectra or similar approaching the bend slowly (coming down towards us). As soon as he spotted us he put his foot down and SPLASH!! Almost fell off my bike, YES I was already wet but the inside of my ears had remained wet till then!

I read and experienced drivers that dont slow down in rain and around fords, puddles etc but this is the first where a driver accelerates intentionally in order to shower us.

Unfortunately no numberplate was taken and even if it was available Im not sure I would have complained since the Police is kind enough to provide them my name and address at the end of the 'investigations!"

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