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  1. confusedcyclist

    confusedcyclist Über Member

    I was helping my brother in law put together a cheapo BMX for my nephew and it had a weird disc mechanism wrapped around the stem/steerer tube. The brake cables ran to it, terminated, and then a new set of cables run to the rear brake. It appears this 'plate mechanism' acts as an intermediary for pulling the cable. We couldn't get the brakes to function correctly with it, so we bypassed it and used cable ties to run cable outer to the rear brake along the top tube.

    What is this mechanism for? Having only worked with mountain bikes and road bikes, it's not something I have come across before. Googling it comes up with something called a gyro plate. What function does it serve?
  2. OP

    confusedcyclist Über Member

    So I need to work on my google fu, I rephrased my search and came up with the answer, it's so that bars can rotate 360 degrees without tangling. Doh. Well, I think the bypass was still a good idea as nephew won't be getting much air at 8, and the brakes were totally ineffective.
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  3. Rooster1

    Rooster1 I was right about that saddle

    I fitted one for my son on a BMX, it's a clever system. You can buy a kit like this
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  4. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    If it's what I think you mean its to allow the bars to spin 360° so the cable don' snag..

    As above link..and you sussed it :okay:
  5. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    as above but the brakes should work just as well using the supplied method/ system ,
  6. OP

    confusedcyclist Über Member

    There seemed to be a lot of slack in the mechanism. Probably crappy components as it was a cheap supermarket bicycle. Didn't have all day to mess with it, as BIL had to get home.
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