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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by mr_hippo, 25 Nov 2007.

  1. mr_hippo

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    Reading in a Thai forum, I came across a post from a chap who wants to know where to get his bike repaired -"Is there a decent mountain bike shop in BKK [Bangkok] where I could obtain these parts? I'm loath to bin the bike because it cost over $2,000.[about £1000]"
    I suggested my favourite LBS and, being curious, I asked him what make it was. His reply was "BTW, my bike is a GT Avalanche frame, Shimano combination gears/brakes, 21 speed blah blah blah."
    I always thought that GT as at the cheaper end of the market, are they?
  2. Not necessarily, although they do cover the entry level. They've produced some $4000 super bikes over the years and were a well respected brand on a par with Spez or Trek early on in the history of mountain biking. Models like the LTS and Xizang were very highly rated and they kept their hand in at the high end of the BMX market but as BMX moved from racing to street and dirt they lost their street credibility. Started by Mr Gary Turner in the eighties producing quality BMXs, moved into Mountain bikes along with everyone else when the BMX boom came to an end. Gary passed away in the nineties. Syncros, the Canadian high end components company became a wholly owned subsiduary around 1997. Brand fashion being what it is the company got into some financial trouble in 1999ish and were purchased along with stablemate Schwinn by Pacific cycles a Taiwanese manuf. which was one of GTs debtors. Pacific are much more conservative than the GT of old, we wont see any thing ground-breaking or innovative from them ever again.
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    Ice Station Zebra
    I had a 99 model Backwoods

    Which was a Zaskar frame with deore kit instead of LX/XT

    It WAS an excellent bit of kit, after GT changed hands though there just seemed to be something missing with GTs made from 2000 onwards
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    Beside the road
    The Avalanche models currently cost 'about' £250-£800. However, it's the 21spd bits thats interesting. You don't get £1000 21 speed MTBs. This would suggest the bike (if it is a GT) is rather old.

    As MTB technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years he could well be better off getting a new bike.
  5. Steve Austin

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    I've got a Xizang which was the ti framed superbike of GT's.
    Frame RRP was £1500 in '99, complete bike was over 4k.

    GT, bit like Giant and some others make bikes that go across the price range.
  6. Dont break a rear canti boss Stevo, they're American Imperial and a sodding nightmare to source. The Xizang was made by Litespeed BTW.
  7. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin The Marmalade Kid

    not riding it anymore. I've ridden it once this year to the local pub, when the TDF came through Kent. Lovely bike to ride, just surplus to requirements now

    Might ride it next summer :sad:
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