"Guess how much I paid for this"

Aint Skeered

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Don't you just hate it when someone asks you this?
You feel obliged to inflate the figure to make them think they have just done the deal of the century, when what your really thinking is "what, how much"


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Yep. I tend to say "hmmmm too much" and watch their face drop. Or i will say something stupid, then say "how much, you can get that from x place for alot less then that."


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They normally say 'guess' and you say 'no, don't want to'. 'go on...', 'no'.

Eventually they say 400 quid very tersely, and you raise an eyebrow and say 'reallly?'. And they go 'no, only kidding, it cost 30 quid'.

As if they want congratulating on their bartering skills.

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There's a joke about new Russians

"I paid $500 for this watch on Monday!"
"You fool, you could have paid $600 for it on Tuesday!"

Conspicuous consumption, see?
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