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Oops - that should be 'Guinness'


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South Beds.
If it works it's way south a lot then perhaps the National University of lesotho can come up with some impressive analytical figures.


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er, population difference?

One in six Africans is a Nigerian, and they like their Guinness, so go figure how long that was going to take.........

I drink mine with red bull, and if I'm feeling really daring, a shot of drambuie too!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The biggest Guinness brewery in the world is in fact in Lagos, not Dublin. However the Nigerian version tastes pretty different, more burnt I guess and stronger and rougher than the Irish version. It gets plenty of advertising around the country and Nigerians like it because it's strongly flavoured and has that "blood tonic" idea about it. They also love non-alcoholic malt drinks like Maltina. Nigerian Guinness brews some pretty good lagers too, in competition with Nigerian breweries who brew the very excellent Star beer and Gulder, my nemesis when in Nigeria. See here:

Let's see if I can get this to work:
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