"Gulf" 1977 Takara SS/FG

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by EchoBravo, 8 Feb 2018.

  1. EchoBravo

    EchoBravo Regular

    Milwaukee, USA
    I'm a big motor racing fan, and I have always had a fondness for the Gulf Racing livery. So I found a scrap-heap 1977 Takara Hi-Ten frame that was badly scratched and scuffed (but straight and rust free)...


    ...and turned it into this:


    Was built for about $300 USD; the wheelset and the brakes were new. The other parts were take-offs or "parts bin" specials. This was a "winter project" to (re)introduce me to the workings of a bike and to do something creative.
  2. User32269

    User32269 Guest

    Nice job. Looks great. Sadly, I would need medical assistance for that riding position.
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  3. OP

    EchoBravo Regular

    Milwaukee, USA
    The seat came down about 1" from the photo. That said, I'm 6'6" (198cm) tall and have 7' wingspan--very long arms, even for my height. I've not ridden this bike yet--it's cold and snowy here. But it feels alright on initial "test fit".
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  4. 3narf

    3narf For whom the bell dings

    That looks great! Bet you won't see another like it...
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  5. PHL67

    PHL67 Über Member

    Frinton on Sea
    Very nice. Would look great with Decals for the colour scheme. Few Gulf Decals set on forks etc.

    Great job.
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