Had enough today...

Was going to ride up to Tesco and buy something to make a nice tea with but after I got in from work, for the first time, the drivers have won and put me off.

Must be something to do with the weather today but I couldn't go 1/2 a mile without swerving or stopping. Sent off a complaint to First about a driver with his hands off the wheel making obscene gestures after I suggested he looks in the mirror before shoving me over into another thankfully empty lane (shame today I didn't have the camera as it was mounted to my other bike and I was in a rush this morning) then it seems every side road there was a van driver waiting, staring at me, then timing his pull out just to cause the hardest braking. Anyone remember playing the arcade game "Paperboy" - that was my ride home albeit without flinging newspapers through windows!

I'm a bit pissed off actually that it's because of drivers and not the weather that I decided to put the bike away for the day
You just get some days like this don't you. I am sure the change int he weather has corrupted some drivers brains...


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Yep - I think it was bad driving day ... which included Mr Desperate to get past me that they squealed as they accelerated as they passed me to literally brake 20 m ahead at the red traffic light -complete with advanced stop box
(and yes I did take full advantage of it). And then on the way home I had a left hook - ok not a close one but still enough to have me swearing at them.

Oh and I forgot the bloke in his BMW large car who felt the need to beep me - I assume as I was holding him up in a narrow road in which there wasn't enough room to pass due to the parked cars.

Definitely not one of my better days - also it rained!
Strange I had no probs....bit of a tussle with a few lorries but that's about all.....48 bus coming up to a pinch point in Walthamstow tonight but I just let it go first...Caught it up and the bus driver game me a flash of the indiactor lights...That's got to be worth a million points eh?:angel:

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I had an interesting day too! The rain was fine (it was warm). I had one gent decide to pull out of a queue to turn right up the road, did not indicate or look. Another attempted to overtake me on the approach to traffic lights. He wanted the left lane to go straight on, so came alongside me and decided to just pull into the lane I was occupying! That said had some good drivers wait for safe spaces to overtake, thank you! It always surprises me too that in queueing traffic cars will move to the edge of the lane to try to stop you overtaking, despite the fact that they can go nowhere and you are in the rain. The odd thing is that they are so attentive to spot you in their mirrors, then do not see you through the windscreen!


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Seems to be less cars parked at the side of busy road when it's nasty weather for some reason.

Perhaps the lazy buggers who take the car to drive half a mile to the local shop don't fancy even that level of exertion if its a little damp?
It's reading posts like this that make me very glad 80% of my commute is on sparsely-trafficked rural roads with virtually no junctions. Dealing with feck-witted motorists every time I went to and from work would drive me potty!
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