Hadrians way & C2C combo - which one first?

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by Rob and Alison, 6 Sep 2019.

  1. Rob and Alison

    Rob and Alison Über Member

    Caistor, Lincs
    We are planning a Hadrian's way C2C loop for next spring, we know most/all coast to coast routes are recommended to be ridden west to east, but one will have to be an east west ride, we are thinking
    Hadrian's first west to east the C2C back.
    But could anyone here who knows either or both routes let us know that would be best or should we switch them round.
    We will be carrying all kit, but not camping and will have Stig (our Border Terrier) along for the ride too.

  2. IaninSheffield

    IaninSheffield Regular

    Sheffield, UK
    Unfortunately, although I've done three of the C2C routes, Hadrian's is still on my 'to do' list. However, given that Hadrian's is supposedly less demanding than the others, one option might be to ease yourselves into the tour by taking that option first in preparation for the tougher return trip. (Of course another view would be to get the tough half out of the way first!).
    I'm not helping am I? :wacko:
  3. Ease yourself in to it and ride yourself fit for the second half?

    Is the pooch up for such excursions ? Sounds great if so

    I like his(?) Name too
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  4. Tigerbiten

    Tigerbiten Veteran

    Because it's a circular route I'd look at both route profiles.
    Does one of them scream at you it would be much better/worse if cycled E->W or W->E vs going the other way.
    If it does then that's probably the way I'd pick.

    Luck ........... ^_^
  5. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy The Monch

    Inside my skull
    I'd say that east to west Hadrians will see you ascend the less steep sides of the hills. So no short sharp shocks, but long uphill drags then short downhills, no long downhills to enjoy. I rode it west to east about a decade ago.
  6. OP
    Rob and Alison

    Rob and Alison Über Member

    Caistor, Lincs
    Thanks folks. We have ordered the maps so will have a good look at the profiles before deciding.
    Stig has done 70 mile day rides so should be ok, he doesn't have to do any pedalling in his basket though! Did 63miles into Lincoln and back today.
    Having him along does ensure more stops than we might otherwise make, for him to stretch his legs.
    Also it now looks like we can leave our car at a friends house near Newcastle so the first leg will be the East to West leg and most likely Hadrians.
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  7. In that case, may the wind be at your back

    Best of luck
  8. mikey951r

    mikey951r Über Member

    Newark on Trent
    When I did C2C I used the Reivers Route, which I found really enjoyable especially the bits through Kielder Forest and from the forest out to the coast. I’m not sure if you could include that as one of your routes
  9. saiadave

    saiadave Active Member

    I have ridden Coast to Coast (C2C) and Hadrians , both several times. Mountain biking the C2C around 6 times and Hadrians 3 times - for my charity rides.

    Would you be planning your C2C to start or Finish from Tynemouth or Roker ?
    I am surmising Tynemouth since Hadrians Starts/Finishes in Newcastle.

    I have experience of C2C from Whitehaven to Tynemouth or Roker always West to East, as its cycling "home" for us.

    Hadrians I would have a feeling would be steeper / shorter climbs - west to east, with longer drags East to West.
    C2C I would have feeling that there would be longer drags from the Allenheads to Nenthead area going West. If that helps at all.
  10. Soltydog

    Soltydog Legendary Member

    near Hornsea
    From my ageing memory, the C2C has a great 20ish (maybe memory playing tricks :blush: ) mile descent near the end if heading east, would be a nightmare heading west if there's a headwind. I reckon Hadrians would be easier heading West into a headwind ??

    A couple of years ago I did the WOTR over 2 days from east to west & was really lucky with the wind, bit of sidewind, but no headwind, then made my own way back east via my parents in west yorks, fell really lucky with the weather/wind, don't reckon i could do it again :laugh:
  11. Lookrider

    Lookrider New Member

    These areas are also my playground as I live on the north east coast at South Shields
    I have done both these routes several times in 2 days 3 days and I have also done Hadrians in 10 hours ride time and C2C 11 hrs ride time,, as well as regular days out on parts of each route ,this is just to give you a comparison so as I can help you in your decisions as I think any advice is always comparative to oneself and nobody should expect you to achieve things just because another has done similar ,,, your aware that both are far easier west to east ,,,and hadrians is a lot easier than C2C
    HADRIANS ,, please please start from South Shields roman fort arbeia then head west on route 14 along the river
    And cycle under the tyne via the cycle only tunnel to join route 72
    Continue on this route as it has much easier climbs than the C2C,,,
    if you were to attempt the C2C East to west you would be hit at start with almost 30 miles of slow incline upto the parkhead station,, this would sap your energy and morale too early in the day,, a brief downhill into Stanhope too catch your breath then it's another 5 mile slow incline from rookhope to allenheads
    You got to go on hadrians from East to west ,, al be it against the prevailing wind
    This will be a great journey for you and a big achievement across some wonderous roads
    Good luck,, there's plenty of stop offs for coffee etc on the hadrians way
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