Half**ds comedy moment


The things one learns...

Not as dangerous though as the Guildford Halfrauds current favorites of installing single sided stems upside down so that the bars are on a level with the headtube, or installing the forks backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having had the displeasure of riding a mates Halfrauds jobbie, with upsidedown stem, which they told him was better for street riding as it made him more aero and the bike less twitchy!

You're damn right its less twitchy, its like trying to steer a container ship!!


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Jacomus-rides-Gen said:
You're damn right its less twitchy, its like trying to steer a container ship!!

I've seen an experiement where they turned the forks on a bike round and pushed it off down the road with no rider, and it kept going in a straight line for ages!


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they couldnt even set up my 7sp rear properly.

Luckily my local shop understands the plight of people that have bought from Halfords and offer a good old fashioned first tune up at a very good price.


There was once a company called Cougar which was is close to where I am now and once i was in there with a friend who was getting his frame sorted (s.stay came away from chainstay) and one of the mechanics / welders was saying they design bikes but people where SOO fussy wanting the position sorting so much it was beyond redicularity ! to the point of riding the bike for the buyer !!!

Some people never understand....

User76 said:
I was in the Bristol branch today and oevrheard a conversation between a supervisor and 2 "bike mechanics". Apparantly, Mr ***** from Clevedon had bought a Boardman bike, but wasn't happy with the gear set-up, having spent a grand or so on the thing. The bike mechanic calmly explained to the lady supervisor who was dealing with the complaint "What does he expect, the bike has a 10 speed rear gear derailleur, no-one could get all of them to work, he has to choose between the big cog or the little cog, it won't reach the big one and the little one without a screwdriver for the hanger":ohmy:

I didn't realise that.
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