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Roydon, Essex
Hi All!

Feeling a little self-conscious... Am very nearly 40, been back on the bike a couple of years after ~25 years off! Ride a Spesh Allez which I've tricked up pretty much as far as I can, Ultegra brakes + bits, Easton EA90SLX wheels (for special days).

Do a fair bit of distance riding; 40mile (total trip) commute 3days/week, 50-80 with mates or solo on a Saturday. Sportives include The Exmoor Beast, Dartmoor Classic - but no Continentals yet.

General approach to riding is the same as my 5 year old boy's: as fast as possible at all times - not that by objective measure that's necessarily very fast! Not always the best way for long rides...

Joined the forum largely 'cos I read arallsopp's great 'Barring Mechanicals'. I saw some of the London-Edinburgh-London riders heading off on their monster epic when I was heading down to the start of the London-Cambridge last year (did London-Cambridge-London, ~120miles (live on the route) - significantly shorter!) At the time I thought 'I'd like to do that one day' and now, having been inspired by Mr A's account, am looking to get into it! I guess next post will be over on that thread...

So, nice to be here, happy riding to all.

Bonne chance!

Plenty of rides head out from your part Matt - welcome to the forum - just watch out if you end up on a ride with arallsopp - he'll tell you to get lost, then join you! ;)


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Hello Matt and Welcome to the CC forums. :biggrin:

Nice choice of bike and an impressive list of cycling events done.

All the best - look forward to seeing posts from you.
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