Handlebar extension

david k

North West
hi, anyone seen any bargains?

I have a cheap plastic one from eBay which is rubbish and a better one for my hybrid, I'm looking for another for my new bike, cheapest I can find is £12 on eBay

Any ideas?


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What do you mean?


Here's one from SJS Cycles for £6.

I used to have something similar a few years back when I had bar-bag on the front of my touring bike which blocked the beam from my headlamp when fitted to the normal position on the handlebars, so I needed something which lifted the lamp up higher so that it could shine over the top of the bag. I gave up on it in the end because apart from looking bloody stupid, it couldn't be tightened enough and kept rotating downwards under the weight of the lamp (the batteries were housed in the body of the lamp).
IMO these things are probably ok for lightweight items such as a computer or a lamp which doesn't have the battery in, but not heavier items. I guess it depends on what you intend to mount on it.
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