Happy Birthday Dayvo...

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Happy birthday from me as well Davyo, hope the sun is shining and the beer is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Puzzle game procrastinator!
Not wishing to be boring or owt... but on any forum where there are thousands of members there will be numerous people having birthdays nearly every day - do we really need to have a thread for each one? Can't we just assume that we all wish each other well without having to post about birthdays all the time?

Okay, there will be special cases - a "Happy 80th Birthday Ian, and many congratulations on completing your 12th consecutive PBP last year" thread would be entirely justified, but Dayvo is a mere lad and has many years ahead of him before he'd qualify for something like that.

But, while I'm here... happy birthday Dayvo :tongue:!
Thank you, all!

Had three days on an almost deserted island before leaving yesterday (birthday) for the capital. Fly to Bangkok this afternoon, to London tomorrow, Stockholm Friday, and back to London on Monday!

I'll be in different locations in England, so I might post regarding having a beer somewhere (unless you lot all have to work!).

Hope all is well; spring is coming!
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