Happy Birthday Magnatom!!!


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HB to the the Caped Crusader! :biggrin:


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You're correct, it does indeed say that today is Mag's birthday!

Happy Birthday Maggers - I hope you're having a great day (& not squealing like a girlie at the traffic too often) :biggrin:

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Birthday Greetings from me :biggrin:
Thanks guys! :smile:

I've had a relatively quiet day with the family, which has been nice, with extra bits of cake etc I even managed to get some!:smile:

Yesterday I had the family around, and tomorrow I have been given a pass for the morning to go for a wee cycle ride, a 40 - 50 miler to make sure I'll manage the Etape in a couple of weeks! :biggrin:

If anyone is heading past Tak Ma Doon tomorrow morning and sees a cyclist breathing out of his rear end.....give me a wave!:becool: :biggrin:
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