happy Birthday PP

Hope you're playing, Possum! Happy Birthday :biggrin:
This will make you smile, punkypossum...



Happy Birthday and lots of cheering up vibes :smile:.

Would the llama song cheer you up? Or a quick spin on the bike?


punkypossum said:
Thanks! :smile: Feeling very glum for some reason though and not in birthday mood at all. Why can birthdays not be cancelled or postponed? Would much rather have it in a couple of weeks... :smile:

Easily done on a forum. Just go into your profile, change the date and we'll all wish you 'appy Burfday (again) in a fortnights time! :smile:


Taking the biscuit
Dear Punkypossum,

Don't worry, I find both my Birtrhday and Christmas fall at a time when I enjoy them least for some reason.

Have yourself an Un-Birthday like Winnie the Pooh, or have two, like the Queen.

T x

P.S. I always feel Chritmassy at Easter. It is not unheard of for me to play 'The Phil Spector Christmas Album' on the first sunny days of Spring.
I must be a man out of time!
Thanks for the messages and pics everybody, the dancing mouse DID make me smile :evil: - sort of perked up a bit with some retail therapy and a bottle of wine...managed to get a top and a pair of trainers in the sale that should have been £25 and £55 respectively for a grand total of 12 squid... Still glummish, but suppose it doesn't matter that much as it is no longer my birthday....
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