Happy flying ant day to all

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They found it difficult to get off the ground here on account of the flippers and snorkels and have given it up as a bad job.


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Yep, its that time of year again.
I never understand some peoples attitude to flying ants. My wife, bless her, perfect in so many ways, has an aversion to them.
Every year, they come out for ONE DAY...and she immedaitely runs to get a kettle of hot water :eek:

Leave the bl00dy things alone...they'll be gone tommorrow....

No, i can't stand them..she says.

So shut the bl00dy door then and dont look :blush:


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agh yeah, I saw a few of them too. Nasty nasty things, get stuck in the throat something rotten. BLEUGHK BLEUGHK GULp :eek:

Mr Phoebus

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Bigtallfatbloke said:
I hate them...horrible little shoots.....the reason bic lighters were invented
i was at an outdoor gig... loads of the blighters.

Ah! So that's why people wave their lighters at gigs. :eek:
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