Hard core in the rain...

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I've just walked back from getting some lunch and in less than a minutes walk I am soaked through to the skin, including trousers and shoes. Never seen rain like that in central London. It was literally like being in the shower. I really hope it's like that tonight on the way home, it was great!! :tongue:


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Me too. Have my neo overshoes, rain legs, jacket and mudguarded bike on the ready. The broken down cars on flooded roads with queues of traffic should add to the chuckle value.


whatever, no problem getting wet here

got in dry and have a strange confidence that I'll get home dry, sunny and blue skies here after the end of the world scenes 30 minutes ago

the flooding will get plenty of time to clear too

it'll be fine


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I don't care if it rains, I suppose over the years I've got used to it, I have a shower when I get into work and bath when I get home.

The only rough bit is putting on cold wet clothes


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Seems like you lot are getting the weather we had in East Yorkshire 3 weeks ago . I must admit it's quite good fun riding through flooding a few feet deep , just not so much fun when people's houses are flooded .


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Well I was really looking forward to cycling home in the middle of a torrential downpour but it is blue skies in London now. [:tongue:]


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The rain caused a power cut where I work, so I got to leave early. When I left it was nice, sunshine, and, except where there were bloody big puddles, the roads had dried out too.
I must admit it's quite good fun riding through flooding a few feet deep

Not on a recumbent trike it ain't!

I love the rain like this, unless you misjudge the puddles. One of the problems with trikes is that you get two "bow waves" from the front wheels which in deeper water hits you straight in the "Nether regions" - puddle enema!
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