has anybody seen the postman


If 6 Was 9
Last posted in News & Current Affairs on 30th October.

Pale Rider

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I tried to search but got the message ….this member limits who can see...... etc, etc
You can search for a poster's posting history, as Dirk has done upthread.

Doesn't tell you when they were last logged on, but the date of their last post is a guide.

Of course, @postman could have turned into a lurker and be reading this thread.

Pale Rider

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If you find a postman post and click on his picture it comes up as 'last seen October 30', which is the date of his last post.

So it looks like he's not been on here since then, unless he has been on but not logged in.


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He posted a topic on the 29th that not everyone agreed on, myself included, sometimes people do not like the reaction they get.


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I think it was something about erections?
No wonder I cant recall :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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