Has anyone haggled before...?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Maz, 22 Jan 2008.

  1. Maz

    Maz Guru

    ...I mean in a UK high street shop...for a TV (for example - yes, I'm after that LCD TV).

    If you have, what tack do you use? Do you come straight out with it and say "what's your best offer on this TV?". How do you go about it exactly?

    I'm tempted to try it on. Maybe the guys in the shop are primed up to offer a set % discount on an item in the event a customer should be ballsy enough to ask for a discount. If so, I'd at least get that much off.

    What do you reckon? Is anyone a hardened pro' at this game?

  2. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    Tell him it's too much money and you will look elsewhere then walk towards the door. If he calls you back you're in with a chance if he stays quiet, keep walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Abitrary

    Abitrary New Member

    Always haggle with their 'web only' prices in mind. They usually do it for you when they see you walking away.
  4. Melvil

    Melvil Standard nerd

    Yes. In high street shops it works about 50% of the time but for independent traders nearly 100% of the time.

    Thing about the high street is, right, they can't usually lower the price as they're not allowed. However, they usually can throw in extras at half the price/free and that's what you can haggle about. E.G. for a TV you would say, 'ok, I'm going to spend XXX on this TV, can you throw in those speakers over there for free / half price?'

    That's the way to do it.

    Usually, with independent traders you have a lot more leeway though one thing you have to be very leery about is taking the mickey and being unrealistic. It usually only works on high value goods, too. I see people going into independent record shops and saying 'yeh, but Virgin are offering this for £4 and you've got it for £5' - (rant FFS, that is the way to kill independent retailing for good /rant)

    My most interesting haggle came when my girlfriend and I went to a punk tailors and bought a few things. I asked for a little bit off the price as the few things were rather expensive. He said 'sure, I'll take £20 off', then looked into my eyes and said in all seriousness, 'but only if I can make love to your girlfriend.'

    Now that was an interesting shop moment!
  5. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Arbitrary's right..try to find the same item on the net...most high street retailers will honour their web based deals in store...but only theirs, not someone elses.
  6. Twenty Inch

    Twenty Inch New Member

    Behind a desk
    Always haggle in chain stores on large purchase, but you need to do your research. i.e. find out how much online, in the competition etc. Then either ask them for a discount - "what's your best price?" or bid them i.e. "Argos have it at £xxx - can you match that?"

    Bear in mind Currys and Dixons are owned by the same group, so don't use them to haggle with each other.

    I've had reductions on washing machines, DVD players, walking kit, shoes.

    I tend not to haggle with people's time - bike and car mechanics particularly. That's mostly because I do my own spannering, so if I've taken it to a mechanic then it's because I need their skill.
  7. Maggot

    Maggot Star of BBC 5Lives Ballot Box Brigade

    Around and about
    We got 20% off of a Dyson cleaner by using shops against each other. Currys, Comet and Powerzone were all in the same retail park. Eventually got it from Currys at less than £100 compared to £129 and £130, Currys started at £124.99. They woul not throw anything, but then I don't suppose they could really on a bagless hoover!!
  8. Abitrary

    Abitrary New Member

    With electricals, most big retailers will beat anyone in a certain radius. If they do it for their own web deals, and competitor's high street prices, then they might do it for their high street competitor's web prices too.

    I guess it depends if you want to put this much time in effort into blagging a cheap toaster for example.
  9. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

    I'm just too nice. I can't imagine myself saying "best offer". I'd have to do it "method acting" style, by living like a person who haggles for a week, to get myself in the zone.
  10. Melvil

    Melvil Standard nerd

    There was an eccentric guy in my hometown when I was growing up who was famous for grabbing an item he wished to buy, smashing it or (if it was clothing) stamping on it and then marching up to the shop assistant and demanding a discount for 'shop-soiled' goods! Surprisingly enough he got away with it for the first few times...
  11. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    If you want to get a discount, the best way is not to pick a specific product. Know what type of thing you're after, but then let the salesman be somewhat influential in the choosing. If you go in and pick something, then ask for discounts, you may, unbeknown to you, have just picked one of their best selling lines that's doing very well thank you at full RRP. If you go in with a range of products in mind, however, and say something like "have you got any special offers on [x]" then they're more likely to be able to dig out one that they wouldn't have thought of reducing but that thinking about it they want to sell off because it's not doing very well. If it then becomes obvious that they have come up with such a low-volume line, or have produced an ex-display/unboxed item, you are then in a perfect position to haggle, but let them do the work for you - ask what they'll offer it to you for, rather than tell them what you want to pay for it.
  12. Good rule. That's how I do it. I also don't tend to haggle in small independent shops, as I think they need all the help they can get. Usually my LBS knocks something off the price for me without me asking anyway.
  13. Mister Paul

    Mister Paul Legendary Member

    The big stores always have room for manouvre, don't be told otherwise.

    I was once in one of the top 3 electrical stores and found a very interesting printout of an email from head office which someone had left on a fridge. It listed the discounts on certain products which they were allowed to apply if someone started trying to haggle internet prices.

    It's also worth checking whether the store has a web site. They won't always match the prices too easily, but you can sometimes reserve online at the internet price and then pick up from store. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's what happens.
  14. col

    col Veteran

    The last camera i bought was from jessops,a friend of mine told me to take a print out of the same camera,and its price on a web site,i got £20 knocked off,and a free sd card too.
  15. I bought my first serious digital camera from Jessop's. It seemed only fair as I'd spent the best part of a week living in their Wolverhampton shop asking them for advice and trying out all sorts of different cameras.
    My second serious digital camera came from the interweb, at nearly £500 less than the RRP.
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