Has Pat"5mph" been doing a bit of modelling?


Do I need to get the spray plaster out?
I know she did a bit of film work when she was a child....

which she continued to do as she grew



Ever since getting my bag, my methane output has fallen dramatically, so don't look at me!! :giggle:
Every little helps, or hinders as the case may be.

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
Saw this on Friendface, has @Pat "5mph" been boosting her income by dong a bit of live modelling?

Brilliant Sara, love it! You must tag me in the book of faces @Pat Ponzi
At the moment my cover photo is of a wee cat riding a wee bike :laugh:

Can't be @Pat "5mph" she doesn't have a long ponytail. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have we met? You're right enough about the pony tale, the rest of the picture is me to a tee :whistle:

By th way, I tried to say hello to Pat at the SECC on Sunday there, but she was busy (or possibly hiding).
Sorry my precious, was working in the divorce show, a prune faced biddy started shouting at my team because her tea was long in coming - this is not a joke btw :angry:
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