Haunted rear wheel.....

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by wherryman, 19 Dec 2007.

  1. wherryman

    wherryman New Member

    This defies logic and therefore must be supernatural......

    I ride a Spesh Tricross during the winter months and have till now run on 23's but of late due to the wet and muddy roads at this time of year I decided to change to 32's with a bit of tread.

    This was moved forward by two punctures in a week which I thought was just a run of bad luck..

    However on changing the tube on the first puncture everything was ok until the following morning when the tyre was flat again. I checked the tube - fine, i checked the tyre-fine, I checked the rim tape and wheel-fine.

    Hmm, pumped up and off on a ride. Fine. In the morning - flat. Changed tube, checked everything, tyre up and at pressure all day. In the morning-flat.

    Changed tyre and tube, checked rims, tape and wheel - fine. Pumped up - fine all day, same pressure at 8pm, morning- flat.

    Today exactly the same !!!!!

    what is going on !!!!! :rolleyes:

    the wheel is kept in a locked garage and no one else has the key !!!
  2. how do you put the tyre on?
  3. Is it possible the valves are damaged?
  4. Not if he keeps changing the inner tube.
  5. It can if he has my luck, I changed inner tubes twice and each time pumping them up I snapped the valve, that was the last time I bought Spesh Tubes.
  6. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
    Yes, you have to be careful with the valves on Spesh tubes IME. I cut squares out of an old tube, put a hole in the middle, and put those over the valve to reduce the chance of the valve tearing out.

    My guess is there's some sort of methodology problem, but I've no idea really.
  7. Good point batman.As I have never used spesh tubes I haven't had the problem.(Touchwood)

    Also at home/work I tend to pump my tyres up with a track pump so it doesn't put too much strain on da valve.
  8. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    I'm sure you've checked already, but I had a similar unplanned deflation event that turned out to be due to a piece of staple - very small, very thin, and nigh on impossible to spot in the tyre.
  9. OP

    wherryman New Member

    Thanks for the hints.....the tyre is new and is happening as above ! I have been over the wheel with magnifying glass. I have used continental and spesh tubes. I dont use levers to put the tyre on, and the front wheel is fine as I changed the tyre on that as well ! Its bloody haunted since it cant be me thats wrong can it ? I've changed dozens of tyres and never had this happen !

    But it must be a tiny tiny sharp thing somewhere in the wheel rim - next step retape it I guess. Nice day today so it looks like the Bottecchia is going to come out of hibernation.
  10. sheddy

    sheddy Guru

    Just curious - is this a 32 tyre fitted on a 23 rim ?
    Wot brand ?
  11. OP

    wherryman New Member

    No its not a 23 rim, I see where you're coming from, its the standard tricross alex ace-19 which came fitted with size 32 tyres, i just swap them to 23's in the summer for the odd damp day when I dont want to use the other bike and back to 32's in the winter, currently they are Schwalbe tyres but this problem was happening on my 23's as well ! Its got to be the wheel....or could it be the track pump I'm using damaging the valve ? hmmm....
  12. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    throw the whole bike away and buy a new one

    it's the only way to be sure

    unless it is the mice
  13. Poles_Myths_Ghost

    Poles_Myths_Ghost New Member

  14. OP

    wherryman New Member

    Lol !!! Good idea - of course it was a ploy to get the 2008 model.

    I have tried the trusty sink full of hot water to find hole routine and discovered this time a tiny tiny tiny perforation just by the valve stem seal, on getting hold of an electron microscope I discovered the smallest pinprick of a sharp bit raising the tape to an almost unfeelable point. I have now just stuck with superglue some of the redundant inner tube over this and any other slightly raised area - I am now out for 20 miles to test it before it gets too cold. If I dont report back in 2 hours you'll know I've failed and the bike is, indeed, possessed.
  15. mrben

    mrben New Member

    Wow - that's dedication.
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